Pat’s practice is based on the philosophy of looking at the whole person, not just the “dis-ease”, so visits range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. She offers a full family practice as a board certified adult and pediatric nurse practitioner.

Her specialty, however, is her in depth hour visits where she assists a person or family in viewing issues in their lives in a wholistic way, based on an extensive history, physical exam using both eastern and western techniques, diet and supplement/drug evaluation. Based on this interaction, she tries to provide the individual with various ways of looking at their issues and concerns, from a western medical model, homeopathic model, herbal approach, nutritional view, and eastern philosophies. With suggestions from each of these approaches that seem appropriate, the person may then choose a plan of care that is right for them.

She also offers two hour visits, using the above information, but also adds her Mayan training in Belize with Rosita Arvigo for those who will benefit from the addition of the Maya Abdominal Therapy. This is particularly useful for men and women with “pelvic congestion” issues, often seen with prostate or uterine/menses issues, low back pain, and/or digestive issues.

Pat is an out-of-network provider and if a medical diagnosis with exam is part of the visit, individuals can seek reimbursement from their insurance for the visit. Initial visits range from $75 to $250 based on the length of the visit.

Pat does phone consultations with individuals outside the local area, but requires additional information, such as a picture of the person. She needs to hear your voice, so she does not do email consults.

Pat also teaches extensively and offers local classes on a variety of health care issues.

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A Note About Staying Well

Greetings to all,

Just a note about staying well—-the Big C or anything else

  1. First– get some fresh air and sunshine every day – a walk is perfect
  2. Second– eat lots of deep nourishing soups- if you are into the bone broths make sure they are truly organic bones and have lots of veggies in them, add a bit of kombu and/or miso paste greens, mushrooms, root veggies are the best for immunity
  3. Third – and most important- keep sharing those great hugs, loving smiles, words of joy and compassion

Next- all the basics like washing your hands- any kind of soap, keep humidity around 40% in your house, get enough sleep.

If you are sick STAY HOME- you don’t do anyone any favors pushing through and going to work


  • Make or buy some fire cider- the best for clearing everything, 
  • Astragalus root, Nettle leaf- you can put these in your soup too
  • Elderberry syrup,
  • Ginger syrup with a bit of cayenne in it


  • Whatever you like- tumeric, black pepper, cumin cardamom, cinnamon to name a few
  • Boneset (Eupatorium Perforatum) is my go to for flu like symptoms


  • Oscillicoccicum is the best first signs of any likely animal transmitted virus- only a few pellets are needed once- first sign exposure in the neighborhood or your home,
  • Belladonna or Aconitum for fevers- belladonna is fever, flushed, loss of appetite and thirst,
  • Aconitum is sudden onset also panic- lots of that going on right now
  • Bryonia- dry cough,
  • Ant. Tart.- rattly cough,
  • Squilla- cough stuck in the lungs
  • Gelsemium- feeling lots of fatigue/lethargy- droopy

Everyone should be on Bach Rescue Remedy every day- the drops can be put in your water bottle so you take some all day- for feeling vulnerable, stressed, anxious

Our biggest risk of contacting a disease we do not want is our fear and anxiety-, which increases your vulnerability for sure

Your are all incredibly healthy and will do well- call for a pep talk or support of any kind

                                                     Sending lots of hugs and loving thoughts


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