I am writing this blog to honor those who I have been fortunate to know and support over the last year. These are heroes to me: People that reflect the philosophy that is the basis for my practice. These are people that have chosen a way to live their lives, through the hardships and the joy. They have dealt with life in ways that are a reflection of their beliefs. Life is full of laughter and turmoil. One can choose to allow fear to rule and results in their giving up their beliefs and handling over their life to another, for instance a health care provider who looks at things from a very black and white philosophy, who believes the body is not good enough to know what it needs and must be helped by taking over.  Or one can choose the path of supporting the vital force of the body:  that you are the healer and only need guidance and you can chose the right path for you.

These people manifest spirit, the vital intelligence of the vital force, which we are all endowed with, and how we truly live a life of health.

At this time of the year when we give thanks for so much. Let me give thanks for all of you and what you have taught me. Thank you.

This is for all of you.


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