Sneezels and Wheezels

The rites of spring include lots of bloom and that means pollen and for some of us, itchy eyes, ears, nose and/or throat, coughing and sneezing, fatigue and feeling foggy brained. What is a person to do so they can enjoy the season and not dread it?

Herbs and Homeopathy to the rescue, to nourish and support and not just suppress like conventional medicine does. Everyone is a unique person and will probably need a unique combination of supports for them to clear it permanently but these are good, safe things to do. Start low and go slow. Anyone can react to anything. If in doubt, stop.

  1. Diet: spring greens are here for many reasons but most important is to get some bitters into us, which stimulate digestive enzymes and help us to process everything better and help us clear out the old and get on with life anew. This particularly includes dandelion, arugula, garlic mustard, chickweed, and whatever your local organic market/farm offers.
  2. Nettle leaf. This is a wonderful spring green but can also be used as a tea or taken as a tincture (liquid extract- glycerin, vinegar, or alcohol). It is the best herb I know for allergies, arthritis, immunity, and nutrition, all rolled into one. It helps to support your vital force/constitution and thus supports homeostasis (balance within).
  3. Vitamin C with bioflavonoid, in particular quercetin, which should be taken twice a day and you do not need bromelain with it. The best way to get this is eating fruit with skin, citrus with some of the peel, or juicing whole fruits (skin and all). This is for nourishing the tissues and keeping them stable and balanced. Having a bit of zinc, which also helps to balance, in food or if needed in supplement form, complements the C family.
  4. Learn to fully breathe. You need to be able to use your nose to do this and you need to breathe out as fully as you breathe in. Clearing out the old, letting in the new. If you don’t know how to breathe like this, do a yoga class, see and others. Abby who is at this website does not just do pregnancy yoga. Use a netti pot or salt water nose drops. If normal saline is not working try hypertonic saline, also available.
  5. Read about the following remedies: Allicum cepia: you feel like you have just peeled an onion- sneezing, watery eyes, etc., Euphrasia: lots of watery discharge from nose and eyes and cough with post nasal drip mucus during day with fewer symptoms at night, Silicea more itchy symptoms but also feeling low, or Nux Vomica more itchy symptoms but irritable/angry about them.
  6. Showers and baths to cleanse and restore. If you cannot get in the tub, then wash face and hands well, wet hair slightly and blow your nose. Do some good deep breathing. Clearing and restoring.
  7. Next year start in mid March as a preventive and if you have fall allergies begin by mid July. In time and finding the right mix special for you, you should be off of these items more than you need to take them.
  8. Embrace spring. If you see it as the enemy, you will continue to remain out of balance with nature.
  9. When the air is clear and free of things you react to, open the windows, lie in the grass, breathe in and out and embrace her (nature that is), and you will be able to return to balance.

Spring Cleaning

YES, it’s finally spring, a time of renewed energy and a time of out with the old and in with the new. This is a time of rebirth and renewal. So lets do some cleaning.

  1. Baths are great for this. Use salts, Epsom, sea, baking soda, with a bit of whatever essential oil you like. I like clary sage. Immerse and enjoy.
  2. Give away or donate at least 3 things in your room/house that you do not need/use any more, big or small, it does not matter.
  3. Clean one place you have not cleaned in at least a year, inside or out. Yes, we all have a place like that.
  4. Learn at least one or two plants in a clean spot in your yard that you can eat. Spring greens are the best cleansers out there. Wild onions are easy as are garlic mustard. I am a firm believer in eating your weedies.
  5. Make a great spring soup with left overs from the freezer and/or fresh from the farm market- local is best.
  6. Get a minimum of 3 hugs a day, not those little token hugs, but the big cuddle bear hugs.
  7. When you see the first flowers, crocuses, daffodils, spring beauties, forsythia, or whatever it may be in your yard/area, make sure you tell it how beautiful it is and thank it for its spring manifestation and the joy it brings you.
  8. Take three long deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, letting the breathing out be as long if not longer than the breathing in. You have truly now become one with spring.
  9. Do all of these or one of these as often as you want as long as you want.