Respect for All Life

Every day I am reading a new article about the bacteria or virus that is causing some dreaded disease, either a new one or an old one that scientists have now decided is caused by one of these critters. I see people every day that want this critter killed and then everything will be fine. Unfortunately, rarely does that happen.

Bacteria and viruses are the most ancient creatures living on this earth and lived here long before we existed. So many inhabit our body and serve vital roles that we would die without them. And yet we all see them as the enemy. We are very prejudice in our attitude toward them as we continue to live in the belief that we are the best and the brightest and this earth is for us, this universe is for us.

I want to suggest that maybe if we shift the medical paradigm to embrace all life in the universe as due equal respect and focused on co-habitation and mutual existence, maybe we could not always be fighting with these critters and seeing the world only in good and bad, black and white, positive and negative.

First, focus on you. What makes you feel joyful, nourished, and balanced? This is what all ancient healing systems feel is the focus of health and joyful living. This is cultivating your vital force, your core vitality, and by nourishing and supporting it, your life will be full of health and you are less likely to get ill and if you get ill, you will return to health more quickly and completely. Make sure you get enough sleep/rest, walks in nature and exercise, lots of hugs and kisses, and eat food that blooms in your mouth and water that tastes alive. Feel full in every way after you eat or play or sleep. Touching hands, bodies, food and water touching tongues and the throat and the smell and texture of life keeps us healthy and balanced and complete. Smile. Do some mindfulness meditation as recommended by Thich Nhat Hahn to be in the moment of eating, or hugging or walking. Say a blessing, thank the spirit of the food, and the spirit of the nature intelligences as the Maya practice.

Second, focus on you and how you interact with the universe, your world, your home, or your community. What have you done to keep its vital force nourished and supported? Look at supporting the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, to help the rivers and steams and the bugs and snakes and bacteria that are vital to their health. Become a member of Arbor Day and help plant trees. Contact Wild Ridge Plants to grow some native plants in your yard for the butterflies and bacteria and viruses that we need to keep our small area of the universe balanced and thus help the greater universe, as we are all connected. Read a book that takes you out of your comfort zone on how you see the universe and viruses and bacteria. Check out Stephen Buhner’s book Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm if you dare. Read some ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, the oldest medical system on this plant. Use homeopathy, not based on medical diagnosis but based on holistic support of your vitality.

Third, sit with a plant, a bug, a worm, a slug, any of the blessed creatures on this earth and hang out with it for a while, focused only on it. What does it “see”? How does it feel? What does it know? How do we know that our perception is right and its perception is wrong? Maybe it has it right and we have been wondering without truly knowing for a long time. Consider this when you are told you have a virus or a bacteria or a spirochete. Fear, anger, and negativity interfere with healing.

If bacteria and viruses and spirochetes have lived on this earth forever and learned how to adjust to survive and live, why can’t we without destroying everything around us and our own health and well being by taking chemicals that destroy the very nourishing liquids and foods, air and soil that we need to survive and live.

Live with life.